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Teacher's Partner is predicated on the fact that teachers can teach more efficiently if they focus more on students and less on finding materials.  Currently, there are two problems with existing material.  First, content created by educational experts does not work in a real classroom.  It is based on theory rather than reality.  No students perfectly mesh with any educational theory.  These lessons tend to require major rewrites before they can be used effectively.  Also, they tend to be very expensive. The second problem with current lessons is availability. Practical and valuable information is available through hundreds of individual sites. Think about the hours teachers would spend jumping from site to site, compiling information. Massive amounts of information from many sites takes away from the ability to focus.  Teachers want to teach not spend countless hours looking for materials.  Saving this time creates more opportunity for those things they love.


    • We believe that we can ameliorate these problems. The best people to provide materials for teachers are teachers. TeachersPartner.com will be a site limited in membership to teachers and former teachers who will be dedicated to creating a community of shared lessons, assignments, and other classroom materials. Moreover, we envision a place where teachers can help and support one another.
    • We will be a storinghouse for any type of curricular, extracurricular, or behavioral/cognitive educational materials. If a skill is taught by any teachers we want to share how it is taught. Content will cover Pre K-12th grade. Plus, it will all be provided by K-12th grade teachers.
    • In addition to direct teaching materials, we will also offer supplemental materials to help strengthen students understanding. These will include videos, powerpoint presentations, and computer simulations and tools.
    • Moreover, our teachers lounge will offer a variety of blogs covering information important to teachers. From current legislative issues to best teaching practices, we will give teachers access to the information they need.
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