Learning With Videos

Videos can be a powerful learning tool in the classroom. They give students an immediatacy that is lacking in many other classroom forms. Moreover, they approach students with a level of familiarity missing from other forms. Frankly, with generations growing up with television and now the Internet, videos are the format with which learners are most familiar.

Videos without quality lessons supporting them are ineffective. We want to help you by not only providing quality videos, but also by providing activities that explain why the video is important and ensures that students learn what you expect them to learn.

Videos allow you to bring celebrities, noted scientists, renowned authors, and others into your classroom. We do caution teachers to remember that unstructured videos often translate to nap time, but with the right support videos can provide a evanescent learning experience.

Powerpoint Presentations

Eye-riveting PowerPoint presentations can turn even simple lessons into unforgettable teaching moments. Using videos, animations, and more, PowerPoints bring the lesson’s objectives into sharp focus.

We will offer PowerPoints for all academic skills from core classes to electives to extracurricular activities. We want to offer tutorials for PowerPoint as well as other common programs that will allow teachers to create more powerful materials and to allow students to learn how to more effective use technology resources available.  Whether you are new to PowerPoint or an old pro, we want to make you a better designer with simple tutorials.

Amazing Tools

In this digital age, many traditional tools are becoming obsolete.  Teachers need access to tools that can be projected onto smartboards or similar applications.  Online tools can help bring lessons to life.

Guided paragraphs enable students to quickly write an efficient paragraph.  Animated Freytag Triangles enable students to see plots come to life.

Calculators and graphing applications help students arrive at answers.  Statistical and probability simulations enable students to perform complex time-consuming actions quickly and efficiently.

Timelines with embedded videos and pictures help students more readily see the sweep of history.

Simulations bring simple tools to life for physical lessons.  An interactive Periodic Table allows students to learn more about individual elements and the way they are interconnected.

Find tools for business, computer applications, health, athletics, music, art and more.